Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

It is starting to become a tradition for us to take the kids to get their pictures in the bluebonnets each year.  This was our second year and it was definitely a different experience this year than it was last year.  Last year we took the kid's boppy pillows and laid them in the bluebonnets.  We got great pictures of them together and individually.  This year they were on the move!!  So I didn't get the picture of both of them sitting in the bluebonnets smiling sweetly at their momma.  Is that even possible with 18 month olds??  :-)  But we did get some fun pictures.

Ha!  Please ignore her shoes...I took nice dressy shoes for her but apparently she outgrew them.  Who knew??  :-)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! You really must share where this bluebonnet field is. I want to take my kids! I'm also uber-jealous of your photography skills. Even with my fancy new camera, I don't compare to you.

  2. These turned out GREAT! The kids look like they enjoyed themselves too. Such sweet photos. I especially love the photo of Noah picking flowers and the way the light was hitting Emily's hair in the third photo. Awesome job!


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