Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lens Baby Project 52 for September

This has been a crazy busy month for us.  It always seems that way the month we plan for our kids birthday party.  But with all the craziness we had so much fun.  Here are the photo challenges for this month along with some of the things we have been up to in the middle of it all.  :-)

{Week 35:  "Silhouettes"}
I convinced the kids (with a little bribe) to pose for silhouette pictures for me.  They were awesome models.  :-)

{Week 36: "Pets"}
Here is my puppy.  I have had him for 12 years now and this shoot reminded me of how old he is getting.  :-( 

{Week 37: "Thankful for..."}
This challenge came at the perfect time.  I am so thankful for my two three year olds.  They are some of the biggest blessings in our lives.  We had so much fun with their birthday party and throughout this year.  Love these guys so much!!

{Week 38:  "Just a favorite"}
I will admit that the last couple of weeks have been super busy for me so I didn't get the actual challenge done.  So instead I'm sharing one of my favorites for the week.  This is  my nephew.  He and his sisters came for our kids birthday party and we all had such a great time.  When all of our kids get together they play non-stop.  It's so great to watch all of these cousins have fun together. 

Click It Up a Notch for September

This is my favorite picture this month so I wanted to share it for this month's "Click It Up a Notch" contest.  I had always wanted to try to do silhouettes but had never really attempted it.  I finally got my chance when it was one of our weekly photo challenges for my moms group.  I had to convince my little model to pose for me but she did a great job (with a small bribe of course).  ;-)  I was happy with how it turned out so I will definitely be trying more in the future.

*** I am so honored I was chosen for the top 5 in the "Click It Up a Notch" challenge.  I would love it if you would please go vote for me if you get a chance.  :-)  Thanks!!! ***

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to my babies!!

3 years ago, K and I received some of the biggest blessings of our lives.  We had two little bitty preemie sized babies that stole our hearts in a BIG way!!  Happy birthday my little princess and my little Spiderman!!

I love you so much baby girl!!

And I love you so much too buddy!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The "K" Kids - {Mckinney, Frisco, Allen Family and Child Photographer}

When we were pregnant with our twins, we were so excited to know that some of our closest friends were having twins as well.  And we couldn't believe it when we found out we were having a little boy and little girl just like they were.  We were so excited to be going through all of this with them.  And now almost three years later, it's so amazing to see how much they have all grown.  I really enjoyed getting to do a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago with the twins and their big brother.  Here are some of my favorites.  Aren't the kids all too cute?!! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Anna!! {McKinney and Frisco, TX Area Children's and Birthday Photography}

One of my best friend's little girl turned 5 this week.'s so hard to believe that it was 5 years ago that I visited them in the hospital to meet her.  It's been so much fun watching her grow up!  

Last week we met up and I got to take her 5 year pictures.  We had so much fun and even got to enjoy a cupcake and coke break together afterwards.  It was so nice!!  But I have to say one of my favorite parts was when she got home, her mom sent me some pictures of her posing all of her animals and taking pictures of them from different angles...just like Aunt Carrie.  Hehe...we have a little photographer in the making I think.  :-)

Happy Birthday Anna!!! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the shoot.  She is so cute it was hard to pick just a few.  (Oh and those cute lady bug cupcakes - her mom made those.  Amazing!!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Announcing Christmas Mini Sessions

****  I have enjoyed doing the mini-sessions a lot!!  So I am adding a few dates at the end of November and beginning of December.  Please just send me an email if you are interested. ****

I am so excited to announce that I will be doing Fall/Christmas mini-sessions this October.  Think getting that perfect picture for your Christmas card this year.  :-)  The sessions will include  traditional family pictures as well as some fun Christmas scenes.

Here are the details:
  • 30 minutes sessions for $75.
  • Sessions will occur the mornings of Saturday, October 6th and 27th and November 3rd.
  • Two to three weeks after your session you will receive a disk of 10-15 images.

To book a session, please email me your preferred date.  Sessions will occur in the Allen and Frisco areas depending on where you guys are coming from.  If there is enough interest I will consider opening a date in November as well.  Please contact me today to book your session.  I can't wait to take your pictures!!

*** All money will be due the morning of your session.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Click It Up a Notch for August

Here is my picture for this month's "Click It Up a Notch" contest. I have been trying to continue to learn and grow as a photographer.  And this month I was concentrating on both back lighting and skin tones.  And of course I had to practice with a mini-photo shoot of one of my favorite subjects.  ;-)  I hope you guys like it.

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