Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Texas Bluebonnets | The Carey Family {Plano TX Bluebonnet Photographer}

I had so much fun with this beautiful Momma and her babies in the Bluebonnets this year.  Aren't they a gorgeous family?  I met Amy and her girls in the twin moms group we were both a part of...and now I just can't believe how much her girls have grown.
♥ ♥  I love this picture of all of them. ♥ ♥

They are all such beautiful girls (with the sweetest little personalities)!!  They were giving me the cutest model poses throughout the evening.  I loved it!

And I just couldn't resist this sweet Mommy / Daughter moment.  :-)

This set of pictures amazes me a little.  My twins don't do this - the "twin thing".  It is like they are just so in sync with each other.  I shot another set of twin girls last year who do this too.  (You can see their session here.)  So maybe it's just a twin girl thing?  I don't know...but it sure is cute!

The beautiful birthday girl!  The night we shot these was her birthday and her Mom surprised her with this cute birthday hat for the pictures.  From what I could tell pictures were the finishing touches on a pretty amazing birthday weekend.  Thanks for letting me take pictures on such an awesome day!!  I really enjoyed my time with you guys!

Email me if you would like to get some fun Spring sessions in this year too.  You can find more information about the my Spring and Bluebonnet specials here.  

Friday, April 26, 2013

C is for Cookie {Clickin Moms Creativity Blog Circle}

This month's Clickin Moms creativity challenge is "Shooting Through Glass".   I actually had a couple of different ideas for this challenge, but as the month wound down, I decided to make our cookie baking day into my challenge day.  :-)
Here are our cookies.  This is shot through the glass of our oven door.  I have to say my kids make the yummiest cookies.  :-)

Of course afterwards we had to take our cookies outside for a quick picnic.  We all really enjoyed them.  And a quick side note - have you guys heard the Cookie Monster's version of "Share It Maybe"?  It's a huge hit in our house.  It's what gave us the idea to make cookies in the first place.  ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my kids and my version of shooting through glass.  Please follow the rest of our circle around to see how creative all of these ladies are.  You definitely won't be sorry.  Check out my very talented friend Sara's blog next.

And in case you missed any of the previous challenges, you can find them here:

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Texas Bluebonnets | The R Kids {Plano TX Bluebonnet Photography}

Check out these two little ones in the Bluebonnets this year.  Oh my about cute!!  I always have such a great time with these two.  They are so sweet!  And check out how much they have grown since last years Bluebonnet pictures

This little man loved the Bluebonnets.  He was giving us the best smiles.  I loved it!!  I also loved the concentration he had in this last picture.  He was sitting in a wagon and I just like to try to imagine what he may have been thinking about.  He is definitely a cutie!! 

She wasn't quite as big of a fan of the Bluebonnets this time.  But man she sure was cute in them!  Such a cute little dress and sweet little face - absolutely irresistible!

Unfortunately the Bluebonnets are pretty much done this year, but if you would like some fun Spring time pictures this year, please feel free to check out my Spring and Bluebonnet specials.   Email me to get your session scheduled today.  :-)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Family Time at the Park {Frisco TX Family Photographer}

A couple of weekends ago I got to spend some time with this amazing family at Central Park in Frisco.  I have had the privilege of photographing the Russell family before.  They are always so warm and friendly.  I love taking pictures for them!  You can check out how big their little cuties are getting from some of their previous sessions here:

I especially enjoyed this photo session because this time I got to meet the rest of their family.  Of course they were just as nice which made my job so easy and enjoyable.  Have I said how much I love what I do?  :-)
Such a beautiful family!!  I have always personally loved big family pictures like this.  I always like to look back over the years of how the family had changed and grown. 

Don't they just make you smile? 

Check out these adorable cousins. Talk about cute!

And you can't forget how important these beautiful couples are in it all.  Look at all the love - just perfect!  :-)

Thank you guys so much for letting me capture these family pictures for you.  I had such a fun morning with you.  I hope you love all of your pictures!  :-) 

If you would like family pictures like these, please contact me today to set up a session.  I would love to help you capture these memories!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Loving Our Spring Days {Letters to Our Children}

To my favorite 3 year olds:
3 years old is such a fun age with you guys!  Your imagination (along with your ability to communicate with us) has gone through the roof.  I like to watch you guys play and explore.  Hands down your favorite things to do right now are look for lady bugs and flowers (and pretty much anything outside).  I'm so glad Spring is finally getting here so we can go outside and play!!  Here are some of my favorite Spring pictures of you guys so far this year.

Some of my favorite adventures with both of you:
  • My favorite morning routine:  When you guys come to our bed in the morning and snuggle in.  I love our snuggles!
  • My favorite thing about our night time routine:  When you guys remind me that we need to say our prayers.  It almost always goes something like this:  "Dear Jesus, Thank you for Emily, Thank you for Noah, ......... We love you Jesus.  Amen.  (Followed by Sugars saying "The End")
  • My favorite family outings:  I love when we all go to the swimming pool.  You guys laugh and giggle the whole time.  I love seeing how much you enjoy it.  I can't wait to get you enrolled in swim lessons.  I think you guys will have a blast.
  • My favorite day of the week:  The day we have art.  We make a whole morning of it.  We have art class and then go to Chick-fila.  I love watching you guys play and make new friends there.  You always have such a great time and I can see you guys learning so much about interacting with other kids.  Plus when we leave you guys always say how we are having a great day.  It makes me so happy!
  • My favorite meal to share with you guys:  Steak! The first time we cooked steak on the grill we thought we would just share 2 steaks with you guys - turns out Daddy and I didn't get any steak at all that night.  We quickly learned how much you love it and now we cook you your own.  :-)

Some of my Sugar's favorite things:  (I asked you guys some of your favorites and here are your answers)
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Cartoon:  Umizoomi (It was on at the time but your real favorite IMO is Octonauts)
  • What you want on your birthday cupcakes:  Arial
  • Favorite thing to do outside:  Look for flowers
  • Favorite thing to do with Daddy:  Hug and kiss him and go dancing with him
  • Favorite place to go: Chickfila
  • Favorite thing to do with Mommy: Pick flowers
  • Favorite food: Cheese
  • Favorite toy: Candy
  • Favorite candy: Peanut Butter Cups
  • Best Friends: Your brother and Mommy
  • Favorite thing to do in a swimming pool: Kicking
  • Favorite drink: Purple Drink

Some of my Mister's favorite things: 
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Cartoon:  Super Hero Squad
  • What you want on your birthday cupcakes:  Spiderman, Super Hero Squad, and Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Favorite thing to do outside:  Squirt Water
  • Favorite thing to do with Daddy: Hug and kiss him
  • Favorite place to go: Chuck E Cheese
  • Favorite thing to do with Mommy: Hug and kiss her
  • Favorite food: GOOD pizza
  • Favorite toy: Buzz Lightyear and Woody
  • Favorite candy: Skittles and M&Ms
  • Best Friends: Your sister and Daddy
  • Favorite thing to do in a swimming pool: Going down the slide (even though it got water in your eyes)
  • Favorite drink: Orange Juice
I love sharing so many special moments with you guys!  I love you both so much!!!


Some of my friends in my moms group and I have decided to create a blog circle where we will share monthly letters to our children. In a world where we all get so busy with life, for me it is an opportunity to slow down and hopefully record some of our moments together for them. Please check out my friend Niki's beautiful letter to her children here and then follow our circle around until you get back to me.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Texas Bluebonnets | The T Kids {Plano, TX Children's Photographer}

The 2013 Texas Bluebonnet season is here!  I love this means the full onset of Spring, beautiful colors and prettier weather.  And it means I get to spend some fun mornings and evenings playing in the Bluebonnets.
Last Saturday I met up with these two cuties.  We had so much fun.  We played in the flowers, looked for lady bugs, and shared lots of laughs and smiles.  Don't they look like they are having the best time?  I know I did! 


This was the second time I got to see these two.  I have to say I am SO thankful for all of my clients, but I am especially thankful for my repeat customers!  You can see more of these sweet kids here.

If you would like Bluebonnet pictures this year, please feel free to check out my Spring and Bluebonnet specials and then email me to get your session scheduled today.
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