Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Texas Bluebonnets | The R Kids {Plano TX Bluebonnet Photography}

Check out these two little ones in the Bluebonnets this year.  Oh my about cute!!  I always have such a great time with these two.  They are so sweet!  And check out how much they have grown since last years Bluebonnet pictures

This little man loved the Bluebonnets.  He was giving us the best smiles.  I loved it!!  I also loved the concentration he had in this last picture.  He was sitting in a wagon and I just like to try to imagine what he may have been thinking about.  He is definitely a cutie!! 

She wasn't quite as big of a fan of the Bluebonnets this time.  But man she sure was cute in them!  Such a cute little dress and sweet little face - absolutely irresistible!

Unfortunately the Bluebonnets are pretty much done this year, but if you would like some fun Spring time pictures this year, please feel free to check out my Spring and Bluebonnet specials.   Email me to get your session scheduled today.  :-)

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