Monday, April 16, 2012

More Texas Bluebonnets {Plano, TX Children and Family Photography}

I think it's finally time to tell our Bluebonnets goodbye this year.  A friend asked me to take some pictures of her twins in the Bluebonnets this past Saturday and I must say we were both a little disappointed when we saw that they were really starting to fade.  But her twins are so cute it really didn't matter.  We got some adorable pictures of them anyway.  :-) 

I loved going through all of these pictures.  The twins both have the cutest expressions!!  And it was fun to really look through the pictures and see which one really favors which parent.  I think they definitely have a Mommy's girl and Daddy's boy on their hands (as far as their features go anyway).    But of course that's just my opinion.  :-)

Thanks again Wendy for letting me take pictures for you guys!!

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