Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More About the Heart Project

My little Heart Book Contributors

The kids and I have joined in with an amazing group of bloggers to contribute to a fundraiser for the American Heart Association called the Heart Project.  Jamie from Hands On: As We Grow has  brought together over 70 bloggers and their kids to collaborate on an awesome eBook called the Heart Book.  Each of us worked to create (over 100) heart-themed craft projects to share in this book.  I have seen a lot of the pictures in this book and I have to say these women are so creative!!

How to get the book:   Just make a $5 donation to the American Heart Association and receive The Heart eBook as a free gift!!!  You can receive your book throughout the whole month of February with your donation.

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Awesome matching donation:  Craftprojectideas.com will contribute $1 for every eBook that is received this month! That means in addition to your $5 donation/eBook gift, Craftprojectideas.com will donate another $1 on your behalf (up to $500!)! Please visit Craftprojectideas.com Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/Craftprojectideas) and tell them THANK YOU for being so generous!

craftprojectideas.com showing the love

The printed version:  A full color print version of this book is also available for purchase! The book will cost $20 with $5 from every purchase being donated to the American Heart Association.

US $20.00

AHA Donations:  If you would like to make a donation to the American Heart Association without receiving the book, please click the yellow donate button below - every little bit helps!


How You've Made a Difference:   Thanks!!  (The totals are updated daily.)

Giveaways:  To thank everyone for their generous donations, several of the bloggers will be hosting giveaways from now until Valentine's Day.  We will be doing one on our blog on February 12th.  We plan on giving away a copy of the eBook so please keep a look out for that.  :-)  Also check out all the other awesome giveaways that will be going on at these sites:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Children's Toys" and "Window Light" - LensBaby Project 52

I wanted to go ahead and post weeks 3 and 4 of my LensBaby Project 52.  Week's 3 challenge was "Children's Toys".  This was a tough challenge for me.  I would have thought it would have been easier since toys seem to be ALL over my house most of the time.  :-)  I actually tried two different set-ups before I decided on these pictures though.

{Project 52: Week 3}
This is my favorite picture of the ones I took.  I love that she is reading to her bear.  :-)

And I love how comfortable she got.  :-)

This is one of the setups I had wanted to do.  This is actually a picture I took Christmas day.  I loved his expression but didn't love my edits of the picture.  I was hoping to reproduce this picture today - but I couldn't find all the pieces to the track.  :-(  I'll have to keep looking.

Our week 4 theme is "Window Light".  I will admit I took these pictures out of order.  I switched them because "Children's Toys" was such a challenge for me.  I liked how this picture turned out although I'm sure this probably isn't what they meant by window light.  :-)

{Project 52: Week 4}

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reading Books to her Bear - An "I Heart Faces" Challenge

I was taking pictures of the kids for my weekly Project 52 challenge and I caught her in the act of reading to her bear.  I thought it was too cute.  :-)


You can check out other entries on the I Heart Faces website as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Heart Project


Our contribution to the Heart Project -  Heart Sun Catchers

 It's almost time for Valentine's Day so the kids and I have started incorporating hearts into our projects and pictures.  Going along with our heart theme, my friend found a really awesome Heart Project for us to work on.  She found the information on Jamie's  Hands on as We Grow blog.  Jamie is creating a “Heart Project eBook”. This collaborative project, involving more than 50 bloggers and their creative kid's craft ideas, will be a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the American Heart Association.  The Heart Project eBook will be available by making a $5 donation.

Many participating bloggers will also host giveaways in conjunction with the fundraiser to raise awareness.  I am considering hosting a giveaway in February as well - but more information is pending. :-) 

You can also participate in this great fundraiser by submitting your own heart project by January 25th or by donating to the American Heart Association and receiving a copy of the eBook when it becomes available in February.

For complete details on this event, visit Hands on as We Grow. More information to follow.


Monday, January 16, 2012

My Hearts

The kids and I had such a great day today.  We played outside quite a bit because it was just such a pretty day.  And I also set up my own mini photo shoot for them today.  The idea was to take some cute pictures for both sets of the grandparents.  It didn't work out exactly as planned - but I thought it ended up cute anyway.  :-)

I had hoped to get both kids to hold the sign and have it read for both sets of grandparents.  But this was the only sign picture we got today.  The sentiment is definitely there but there was too much playing to be done.  :-)

I had hung some hearts on the wall for our background and had the sign and some roses ready for them to hold in the pictures once they got up from their naps.  But my kids who love flowers (especially little miss) wanted nothing to do with the roses and signs today.  So we just went with it and ended up having a lot of fun anyway.  :-)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 2 of my Lens Baby Project 52: "Letters of the Alphabet"

I'm working on two project 52's this year.  I am hoping it will help me build my creativity with my photography.  I will probably just have one monthly post for my MCP Actions project 52 but I'll go ahead and share my Lens Baby project 52 pictures for the week.  This week's challenge is "Letter of the Alphabet".  Here is my interpretation of the theme.  I would love any feedback you may have because I really would like to use this as a chance to  improve.  Thanks everyone!!  :-)

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Absolutely Beautiful Day at the Arboretum

Today was such a beautiful day in January!!  The kids and I decided to take advantage of it and met a friend at the Arboretum.  We had such a great time!  Great friend, lots of play time, and of course lots of photo opportunities - what else could you want!  :-) 

My friend and I are both planning on doing a couple of Project 52s this year for photography.  We will both most likely be doing one through our LensBaby group and one we found on the Internet (through MCP Actions).  Today we decided to focus on our first LensBaby challenge of sunshine.  I had never attempted a sun flare type picture before and she had tons of great tips.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from today, along with my "sunshine" picture.

I love this pathway and I had always wanted to take pictures here.  There was hardly anyone there today so it was great to be able to snap a few shots while nobody was on the trail.

My sunshine picture of my Sunshine.  :-)

We let the kids run around when we first got there.  And I think they both really enjoyed getting outdoors.  I love this smile on Little Miss.  :-)

Ha!  I tried running in front of the kids to get pictures of them walking towards me but when I turned around they were both chasing after me.  :-)

This was a beautiful area that my friend found.  And I don't know why but I  became a little fixated on getting a shot of little miss through the flowers.  :-)

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