Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy Day Vibrance ~ You Capture Challenge

This week's "You Capture" challenge was vibrance.  A friend and I had big plans to take our kids to the Arboretum to get some great vibrance pictures.  Instead it rained - so we settled for a fun indoor play date with pictures taken with the flowers I bought from Michaels.  Not quite the Arboretum but still fun pictures just the same.  :-)

These are our flowers.  Next time, Arboretum!  :-)

No flowers - but I couldn't resist adding this one.  :-)

I'm sure it's a Momma thing but I loved how the blue accented her eyes in this one. 

She really does love flowers!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pin Wheels, Bunny Ears, and Little Girls ~ You Capture Challenge "Youth"

We had a lot of fun at a play date with a good friend and her beautiful little girl.  Our kids played so hard and laughed so much.  I love listening to little girls giggle.  It also made for some great photos for this week's "You Capture" challenge of Youth.  Here is my photo challenge picture.

I love these girls!!

Here are some more fun pictures of our little girls. 

I love how her personality just sparkled!
And of course I think her smile is irresistable!  :-)


Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Super Moon

I couldn't resist trying to capture the Super Moon tonight.  Here is my best attempt of the night. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emotion in Black and White ~ You Capture Challenge

This week's "You Capture" Challenge was to capture emotion in black and white.   We had the most fun this week at the park with some friends.  The kids had such a blast and you can see it all over their faces.  I can't wait to get together with everyone again soon!!  Here are my pictures for this week's challenge.

He had so much fun at the park!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A new photo challenge ~ You Capture

A friend of mine found a great weekly photo challenge for us to do.  I love doing challenges because it really makes me think more creatively about photography.  This week's theme from "You Capture" was body parts. 

I took the pictures and then added a frame from

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!! (A little late...) :-)

We had such a great Valentine's Day this year!  The kids and I celebrated with Daddy the night before.  He made us a great dinner and brought us some chocolate covered strawberries too.  What more could you want!!  (And he surprised me with a great new photography book - Yay!!)  Then on Valentine's Day I had some of my twin mom friends over for a fun play date.  It was so great to see them and take some fun Valentine Day pictures of the kids too.  Here are some of my favorites.

He really liked this lollipop!!  He was such a great Valentine.  :-)

I wanted to put her in a tutu so badly.  I'm so glad I got the chance!  :-)
I loved that we had several little girls in tutus that day.  So cute and happy!

And I love the hug between brother and sister - so sweet!!

I had several chances to take Valentine Day pictures this year which was so much fun for me!  At one of my photo moms play date I got a chance to take a picture of this little girl.  Isn't she just too cute?

We also had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa Saindon Valentine's week.  We're so glad they got to come!  They gave Kevin and I some wonderful date time.  The kids loved playing with them.  And I got the chance to take a fun photoshoot with Grandma and Grandpa.  I learned a very important lesson from this shoot - always triple check your camera settings before taking pictures.  I forgot to adjust my ISO so many of my pictures didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but here is one of my favorites.

The kids love their Grandma and Grandpa so much!  I'm so glad we were able to get some fun pictures with them.
What a great Valentine's week!!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! (A little late...)  :-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Beautiful February in Texas

The weather here has been absolutely amazing lately.  And the kids have LOVED playing outside.  They love running around our backyard and have discovered wild flowers.  :-)  It's been so much fun seeing the flowers again for the first time through their eyes.  We've been having so much fun!

She was picking a flower for her Momma!  I love her!  :-)

I love how intensely she is taking it in.
 We have enjoyed all of the outdoor play dates too!  Here are some pictures I took from an outing with my photo mom's group to a beautiful meadow.  You can't beat an afternoon with some amazing moms, their beautiful children, and such great scenery!

They all loved the wagon!

He was enjoying the day.  I love that smile!

And she was having so much fun!

The kids were too cute!  And wonderful models for us!  :-)
 I hope the weather stays like this for us throughout the Spring.  Definitely great photography and playing weather in Texas!
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