Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Beautiful February in Texas

The weather here has been absolutely amazing lately.  And the kids have LOVED playing outside.  They love running around our backyard and have discovered wild flowers.  :-)  It's been so much fun seeing the flowers again for the first time through their eyes.  We've been having so much fun!

She was picking a flower for her Momma!  I love her!  :-)

I love how intensely she is taking it in.
 We have enjoyed all of the outdoor play dates too!  Here are some pictures I took from an outing with my photo mom's group to a beautiful meadow.  You can't beat an afternoon with some amazing moms, their beautiful children, and such great scenery!

They all loved the wagon!

He was enjoying the day.  I love that smile!

And she was having so much fun!

The kids were too cute!  And wonderful models for us!  :-)
 I hope the weather stays like this for us throughout the Spring.  Definitely great photography and playing weather in Texas!

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