Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy Day Vibrance ~ You Capture Challenge

This week's "You Capture" challenge was vibrance.  A friend and I had big plans to take our kids to the Arboretum to get some great vibrance pictures.  Instead it rained - so we settled for a fun indoor play date with pictures taken with the flowers I bought from Michaels.  Not quite the Arboretum but still fun pictures just the same.  :-)

These are our flowers.  Next time, Arboretum!  :-)

No flowers - but I couldn't resist adding this one.  :-)

I'm sure it's a Momma thing but I loved how the blue accented her eyes in this one. 

She really does love flowers!


  1. Great photos! I especially love the first photo of Emily. To me that nailed "Vibrance". Her eyes look so blue in that shot and they contrasted so nicely with the pink. And that SMILE! SO vibrant!

  2. These are great pictures!! I really loved that second picture of Emily.

  3. The flowers are gorgeous...and so is your baby. What a doll. I loevf her sparkly eyes! Sweet!@

  4. Beautiful! I like how you lined up the flowers. Though you're right. Next time, Arboretum!


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