Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shallow Depth of Field {Clickin Moms Creativity Blog Circle}

This month's Clickin Mom's creativity challenge was shooting with a Shallow Depth of Field.  So after a long day of swim lessons and celebrating Grannie's birthday with her, we came home and let the kids do one of their favorite new things - look for bugs.  :-)  I grabbed my camera and decided it was a good time to do our challenge.

She was excited to have me take pictures.  She sang and danced for me and really had a great time!
Hehe...he was on a mission.  These are his "MOM, I am looking for Rolly-Pollies.  Here is your smile.  Now let me get back to doing my thing" look. 
I am pretty sure all of these pictures were shot with an aperture of f/2.5 (with varying shutter speed and ISO).

Please follow the rest of our circle around to see their take on Shallow Depth of Field.  You can check out my very talented friend Sara's Shallow Depth of Field post next.

And in case you missed any of the previous challenges, you can find them here:

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Family Reunion | The Rush Family {Plano TX Family Photographer}

I got invited to take pictures for a mini-family reunion a couple of weeks ago and I had so much fun.  They were such a sweet, welcoming family.  I felt so much at home while I was there.  I really hope you can see that sweetness shining through in their pictures too.

We started with the whole family and grandparent pictures.  This was one of the first time all of the cousins were together in the same place.  From what I could see they all had a GREAT time together!!

Then we captured some sweet family pictures.  Aren't they a great looking bunch?

We ended with several different fun combinations of pictures.  These are just a few of my favorites from the night.  :-)

After all of the posed family pictures were captured, I got the chance to watch as the kids played and had fun.  What a great way to start the summer!!  It definitely makes me want to get my kids to a swimming pool fast.  :-)

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your family reunion!!  I really enjoyed watching how you guys interacted with each other.  I definitely saw a lot of love.

 If you are interested in a summer session or extended family session, please shoot me an email.  I would love to capture your family as well.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A (Grand) Father's Day Surprise {McKinney TX Sports Photography}

I was approached earlier this year to take a special surprise session for a very special Grandfather.  Apparently Grandpa loves baseball so all of his grandchildren got together to do something extra special for him for Father's Day.  What a special gift!!  Aren't they some of the cutest baseball players you've seen?  :-)  I hope Grandpa loved his gift!

This was a fun session.  If you would love a sports session with your kids, please send me an email.   We can definitely find a baseball, soccer, football field, etc. to play on and capture some extra special memories.  (If you need some more sports inspiration, you can check out this fun football session I did with my own kids as well.) 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Your Daddy is Amazing {Letters to Our Children}

To my babies:

It's getting close to the Father's Day and I want you guys to know how blessed you are.  You have an absolute amazing Daddy!   He loves you so much!

He snuggles you in the mornings.  You guys all get in one chair and snuggle, play games on your phones, relax and watch cartoons which is often followed by Daddy making you your favorite breakfast - bacon. 

In the evenings, he takes you outside to dig in the dirt, pick strawberries (which will be put in your smoothies), find rolly-pollys and various other bugs, or to pick flowers for Momma.  :-) 

He brings home surprises for you from work - cupcakes, really depends on where he has been.  He takes you for bike rides, to go swimming, and all sort of fun adventures.

He tells you how much he loves you every day and tells you that you are his favorite little boy and little girl in the whole world (the whole world!).

And he loves your Mommy very much and is showing you guys how a husband should treat his wife and how a Dad should treat his kids.

Your Daddy really is amazing!

I love all three of you with all of my heart!  I am one blessed Mommy for sure!


Some of my friends in my moms group and I have decided to create a blog circle where we will share monthly letters to our children. In a world where we all get so busy with life, for me it is an opportunity to slow down and hopefully record some of our moments together for them. Please check out my friend Laura's beautiful letter to her boys here and then follow our circle around until you get back to me.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Father's Day {Frisco TX Family Photographer}

Happy Father's Day!  In honor of such a special day, I wanted to share some of my favorite Dad pictures from this past year.  I hope all of you Dads out there know just how special you are. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The R Twins Turn Two {McKinney TX Childrens Photography}

Look at who is turning 2!!  Can you believe it?!  I feel like I have been blessed to watch these two grow over the last couple of years.  I have really enjoyed it!

They had a special Cookie Monster and Elmo theme for their birthday party.  Check out those adorable outfits!!

We celebrated a little early with a fun Cookie Monster type photo session.  Seriously who can resist chocolate chip cookies and those sweet faces?  :-)
I LOVED these signs Mom made for them.  Such a creative idea!!

Happy Birthday Luke and Grace!! 

If you want to see just how much these two have grown, check out some of the other photo shoots we've done together:
If you would like to book a special birthday milestone session with me, please just send me an email.  I can't wait to celebrate your special events with you!  :-)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Sessions are Here! {Carrie Saindon Photography}

Summer is finally here this year!  It is definitely making me think of swimming pools, splash parks, lemonade, and vacation!  It's also a great time to get pictures taken while the kids are out of school. 

It's a great time now for:
  • Senior Sessions
  • Birthday Milestone Sessions
  • Newborn Sessions
  • Fun in the Sun Sessions - (I even found a small beach here in Texas for sessions!!)
  • Family Sessions

I will be offering these three session types for the summer:

Option 1. {The Classic Mini-Session} $75 This will be a 30 minute session. We will work together to find the perfect location and time for you and your family to have a session. We will capture as many stunning images as possible within our time frame. Within 2-3 weeks of your session, you will receive a cd of 10-15 high resolution images from your session.

Option 2. {The Deluxe Session} $125 This session is 1 hour with 20-25 high resolution images on a cd. We will work together to find the perfect location and time for you and your family. We will take our time and capture your family in a way that works best for you. Within 2-3 weeks of your session, you will receive your cd of images. (This would be an ideal session for people with small kids or with large families.)

Option 3. {The Newborn Session} $150 This session will take 2-3 hours and will take place in the comfort of your home.  Ideally we will schedule this session when your baby is 6-10 days old.  We will capture those sweet posed pictures of your baby along with shots of the whole family.  Within 2-3 weeks of your session, you will receive 20-25 images on a cd.

So if you are ready to get those summer time pictures, now is your opportunity. Email me today and we will get your session on the calendar. I can't wait to take some pictures for you!! :-)
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