Thursday, January 31, 2013

All the Little Details {Clickin Moms Creativity Blog Circle}

Photography is definitely something I am passionate about.  Each year my goal is to challenge myself to grow and become more creative as a photographer.  Last year you may have seen on my blog that I participated in weekly photography challenge with my Lens Baby mom's group.  It was definitely fun and I felt like I learned quite a bit from it. 
This year I have the opportunity to participate in a monthly blog circle with a group of extremely talented and creative women.  I know these women through Clickin Moms - which is an absolutely wonderful online forum for photographers.  How it works is each month we are given a new challenge that will encourage us to try new techniques with our photography and will hopefully help stretch our creativity.  This month's challenge was "Up Close Portraiture".  
As a photographer often one of my goals is to never "chop" any limbs off a person when I take pictures.  So I make a point to step back some so that I can capture everything.  So this was definitely a new perspective for me.  And it is an awesome way to capture all of those little details I hope to never forget.  Here are a few of the pictures I took of my little girl and boy one day while we were talking and playing on the couch.
She was awesome with this shoot.  She normally doesn't like to look into the camera very much...but she and I kept talking (about the birds in her pecan trees and about what we were doing today and just so much more).  I loved our talk.  As we talked she let me take pictures and even looked into the camera for me.  And I have to say I love her eyes!!  She got them from her great grandfather.  Neither her dad or I have blue eyes...but they are so beautiful on her.

Little guy was doing something he loves while we talked - playing games on his phone.  I loved this because this is how we see him when he gets so involved with what he is watching.  He will look up to tell us all about it and then watch a little more.  He loves to tell stories when he watches anything.  And I love that about him.  :-)

I'm so excited about this new photography adventure!!  Please follow our circle around to see some more amazing "Up Close Portraiture".  You can check out Boston, MA portrait photographer Lisa Sheehan of Lisa Sheehan Photography's post here next.   You'll absolutely love her work!!


  1. I love the shot of your daughter and her gorgeous eyes! Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous!!! That first shot is especially fantastic job! I can't wait to see your images next month!

  3. Look at those lashes! Love the b/w conversion too.

  4. Thank you everyone!! This was definitely a fun project for me. I can't wait for next month.


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