Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beautiful Ugly {Clickin Moms Creativity Blog Circle}

Our Clickin Moms creativity challenge this month was "Beautiful Ugly".  The idea was to take something that most people would consider ugly and take a picture showing the interest and beauty in it.

The picture I took for the challenge is a picture of my Mother's Day flowers.  I love getting flowers for any occassion.  They just some how make me happy.  I especially loved hearing the kids tell me "Happy Mommy's Day" when they gave them to me.  It's the first year they truly understood what it all meant and it was so sweet to hear.

But of course, flowers don't last forever.  I took this picture on the last day we kept the flowers.  You can see the flower petals and leaves falling around the base of them and they were definitely fading fast.  But even now looking at them...they still have a sweetness and a beauty to me because they are my special Mother's Day flowers.  :-)  (Hehe, I know - I am a little sappy and sentimental that way.)

Please follow the rest of our circle around to see all the beauty that was captured by everyone else.  You can check out Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography's Beautiful Ugly post next - so creative!!

And in case you missed any of the previous challenges, you can find them here:


  1. love this. not only the image but the meaning behind them

  2. What a beautiful window! I love your choice of the special Mother's Day flowers and how although the flowers may die, the love of your children and memories of them giving the flowers to you will continue on!

  3. These are beautiful for the memory they keep. Such pretty lighting to capture them in!

  4. Oh, so sweet! We just hit the same stage -- my kids are starting to understand Mother's Day and I love it so much!

  5. I love this Carrie! Flowers are always beautiful!Love the framing in this image!

  6. This is a great image! I love the backlight, the framing...the story.


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