Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let them be Little {Letters to Our Children}

A letter to my children:

As I've been writing these letters to you guys I have been trying to decide what you guys would want to remember.  So I thought this month I would tell you what our daily lives look like now that you are four.

I'll start with our weeks.  During a typical week we have a standing art class and Chick-fila lunch play date day.  I love these days.  You guys seem to enjoy the crafts so much this year.  Then we follow up with a Chick-fila lunch where you guys almost always meet new friends.  I love to see you guys interact with new kids and learn about friendships.  Throughout the rest of the week, we try to work in at least one play date with friends and a little library time when we can.

Because we have had such a cold winter this year, we have also had a lot of at home time.  What do you guys do at home?  PLAY!  Many afternoons you go to your rooms and spend time pretending with your toys or you come to the dining room table and play Legos or with play dough, draw pictures, or practice cutting paper. 

One of my favorite things to do with you when we are at home is cook.  We have perfected chocolate chip cookies, banana nut muffins, and Rice Krispy treats.  ;-)

(Oh and one thing to mention about this have both started trying more and more new foods.  You may not like it all but you have been a lot more open to trying new stuff which Daddy and I love!)

Some of your favorite toys right now:  E you love makeup, jewelry, and your stuffed animals.  N you love anything about Angry Birds and Star Wars.

Some of your favorite movies:  E you love Disney's Frozen and all Barbie movies.  N you love the Lego Move and the new Pixar Planes movies.

Some of your favorite cartoons:  Peppa Pig, Julius, Wallykazam, Paw Patrol

Some of your favorite books:  E you love Pinkalicious and Disney Princess books.  N you love any Star Wars or Super Hero books.  (You often ask the librarian to help you find more.)  You both love Mo Willems books - especially the Elephant and Pig ones.

As things are warming up, we're enjoying playing outside more and more too.  You guys love to pick flowers, going to feed the horses, playing outside on your play house, going to "The Beach" in Allen or pretty much any park, and helping Daddy with anything outside.

I am loving our four year old days!  Love you guys always!


(These pictures were taken on a day that we went to the Beach in Allen.  They have a really cool blue wall next to some nearby fountains.  I asked you guys to dance because I wanted to capture you having a good time and just being little.)

I am participating in a blog circle with a great group of moms who are writing letters to their children as well.  We're doing it together as a way of supporting each other and as a reminder to keep writing when life gets so busy.  I'm so glad to be a part of such a great group of ladies.  You can follow our circle with my friend Staci's letter to her children next. 


  1. Love the quote! Adorable kiddos!

  2. awww that's sweet. Love the details in your letter. It seems like these are things you will always remember and the thing is that you just don't remember everything. My kids love hearing over and over again tell me about when I was little so this is a wonderful record that you can all enjoy for years to come!


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