Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter {A Letter to My Children}

We met up with Baby Amberlynn this week to take some Easter pictures outside.

We also took some fun inside pictures with my Easter setup this year.

To my babies:

Happy Easter!  Today I just want to tell you how blessed I feel to be your Mommy!  When I dreamed about being a Mommy, I knew I would love you but I never could have imagined how strong my love could be and how much joy you would bring.  I love you guys with everything in me!  You make me want to be the best Mommy I could possible be (especially on those days I fall short).  No matter what, I hope you always know your Momma loves you!  :-)

My favorite part of every day - morning snuggles!!

Love you guys so much!!



I am participating in a blog circle with a great group of moms who are writing letters to their children as well.  We're doing it together as a way of supporting each other and as a reminder to keep writing when life gets so busy.  I'm so glad to be a part of such a great group of ladies.  You can follow our circle with my friend Jenn's letter to her children next. 


  1. What lovely Easter images!

  2. love these easter photos! So jealous of the sunny green outdoors you have! Its still cold and muddy here! Bobbi-Jo


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