Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Forest

I love the new trick the kids are doing - they are talking!  :-)  They have been saying words for the last several months but now they have full blown conversations with each other.  In the mornings they always come in and snuggle with me - one of my favorite times of the day!  But now while we are snuggling they will sit and talk to each other and laugh like they are telling each other the funniest jokes.  I so wish I knew what they were saying!  And where is that video camera?  :-)

I have even noticed at our play dates they are starting to have conversations with their little friends.  I love that!!  We had a couple of really fun play dates this week.  One at a friends house who had a tent set up for us to play in and a ball pit.  The kids and I had a blast.  The other was a play date in the Forest (a small wooded park in McKinney).  :-) 

Here are some of our pictures from the Forest.  Notice the new friendship that was started - so cute!!!


This week's "You Capture" theme is purple.  We don't have a lot of purple going on except her cup.  But I wanted to share this with my "You Capture" friends.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. They are just too cute! My favorite is the first one with the big teddy bear and I love the little collage of them together.

  2. very cute, love the butterfly wings, I have a think for butterflies. I could find a single purple thing to photograph.

  3. Oh my gosh... her dress is ADORABLE!!!

  4. Fairy wings are the best. And so are tents with ball pits. How fun!

  5. Thanks everyone! tiarastantrums - nope not a red head but red highlights seem to be coming out in the summer sunshine. :-)


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