Monday, August 8, 2011

Happiness in the Heat

It's been so hot here this summer that I've taken a break from taking pictures - mainly because I enjoy taking pictures outside with good lighting.  So today I decided to break out my light scoop and practice some indoor pictures.  I was so glad I did.  The kids were having so much fun. 

It was too hot to play outside, so instead the kids snuggled in our bed.  (It looks so sweet and it is but she wasn't really snuggling as much as she was "getting" him.)  :-)

Another favorite indoor activity for now is sitting in the chair.  I don't let them get in these chairs too often because I'm afraid they will fall if I'm not hovering over them.  :-)  So I'm sure it makes it extra fun whenever Daddy lets them get in it.

We also finally decided to get the kids a water table to play with to help with all of the heat.  They love splashing in it and climbing in it.  If you look closely at this picture you can tell she is dripping wet from her hair and chin.  :-) 

(Also if you notice the babies are in their diapers in all of the pictures.  They had already played in the water table once by the time I decided to grab my camera.  They were dripping wet when they came in so we had to take their clothes off to dry.)  


This week's You Capture challenge is Happiness.  I thought it would be a good time to start linking back up.  :-)


  1. Adorable Carrie! I can't believe how big they are. Love that you still call them the babies. I still call Lily a baby too...I'm in denial. :)

  2. They are way too cute together!! I can't wait until Landen comes and Hayley has a brother to play with all the time.

  3. Beautiful photos and moments, Carrie!

  4. Love them all! I'm like you and haven't really pulled out my camera much this summer. I thought about it today, but decided against it. I can't wait for a little cooler weather (not cold, just cool!).

  5. Aw too cute! Looks like you all had fun with that :)

  6. I can practically hear the giggles coming out of those pictures. I love them!

  7. Here's how our homemade slip-n-slide was made:

    It's just a piece of plastic with U-shaped spikes holding down the SIDES. We use water and some tear-free baby soap to keep it slick!!

    It was fun the kids loved it. And washing them off afterwards was easy... they already smelled clean;) LOL!!

    You're twins are adorable;) And it's fun to take pictures everywhere;)

  8. Kids sure know how to laugh, us oldies could learn from them! Cute kids:)

  9. How cute- I can almost hear the giggles through the screen.


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