Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Heart Faces Challenge WINNER! Yay!! :-)

I am so excited to have had my picture chosen as one of the I Heart Face's winners for the "Bust a Gut" Challenge.  I always love entering their contest each week and seeing all the great pictures that are submitted.  Hehe...and I'm a little giddy about being chosen as one of their finalists. I feel very honored actually.  Thanks Amy & Angie for hosting such a fun contest!!

This picture was chosen for 8th place.  :-)


  1. How AWESOME!!!!!! When I saw that they had posted the winners I'd thought "I should go see if Carrie won. Her entry was so good." But didn't get around to it. I'm so super proud of you, girl! :-)

  2. I saw your photo on there today and was so excited for you! That is an amazing picture, I am so glad you won!

  3. AWESOME!!!! You deserve it girl, you photographed such an awesome moment!


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