Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Bokeh Challenge

My LensBaby moms group has had an online bokeh challenge the last couple of years.  Last year one of my friends had a beautiful picture of her hot chocolate cup in front of the Christmas tree with heart bokehs rising as steam.  I loved that picture so I attempted to recreate it this year.  I love this challenge.  Thanks for the inspiration Liesl!  :-)

You can check out other entries on the I Heart Faces website as well.


  1. this came out really cute! I actually tried a "steam bokeh" shot on my blog today too, with snowflake bokeh! It's so fun to to play around with! I'm doing a bokeh link-up every Tuesday in December, you should join in!


  2. I have always loved this effect- just never tried it. Well done!

  3. great bokeh effect!

    i love this shot.

    happy holidays!

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