Monday, August 27, 2012

Lens Baby Project 52 Challenge for August

This month's pictures have seemed to fly by for some reason.  It's definitely been a busy but fun month with photo shoots, a quick trip to Kansas, and various fun play dates for the kids and K and I.   Here are my project 52 challenges for August.  

{Week 30:  Back Lighting}
I took the kids out for a fun little photo-shoot one morning for these pictures.  I took a truck and some strawberries to entertain them and somehow the strawberries all ended up in the truck before we were through.  :-)

{Week 31: Shooting from Above}
These were from a senior / engagement shoot I did recently.  And I would LOVE to do more of these shoots so feel free to contact me for your sessions as well.  :-)

{Week 32:  Black and White}
This is at one of our local splash parks.  We invited a friend of ours to go with us to the splash pad a couple of weeks ago.  This was her first time to go to one and all 3 of the kids had such a blast!! 

{Week 33: Using Negative Space}
My niece graciously posed for me while I was trying to get a quick shot in for negative space.  Sometimes I run out of time to get the shots I'm looking for so I really appreciated her being such a good sport about it.  :-)

{Week 34: Using the Rule of Thirds}
This was a shot I took today in my neighborhood.  I was driving home and saw this barn and thought it looked so interesting.  And since I had my camera with me I decided to stop and get a quick shot.

My sister-in-law suggested adding a Bible verse instead and I really liked the idea.  So here's an extra one this week.  :-)


  1. Great job on those images. Really love that last one. :)

  2. Can't believe how big the twins are Carrie! I love the barn shot. Gorgeous.

  3. Great shots, I especially love the barn!

  4. Love, love, love the barn photo! They're all lovely!

  5. that barn shot could easily be a HUGE canvas! love!!!

  6. I love that barn shot! It makes me homesick for my family farm!

  7. Great images! The bokeh, the backlighting, the barn - Awesome!


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