Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Christmas Hug {McKinney and Frisco Area Christmas Photography}

I have been so blessed this year with my photography business.  I have loved being able to do so many fun sessions with such amazing people.  It has kept me busy for sure.  So now that things have slowed down a little for the holidays, I decided to set up a fun Christmas mini session with two of my favorite little subjects.  :-) 
Three year olds are almost always so energetic that you can't really pose them for specific pictures, you just have to capture their personalities.  And I have to say I absolutely love these little personalities and couldn't have hoped for our session to come out any better.  I hardly ever get a picture with both of them smiling and looking at me anymore and to have them hugging, smiling and looking all in one picture is definitely an early Christmas gift for me.   This Momma is definitely a happy Momma.  And of course they were having such a great time with it because they knew every hug was a good excuse to start wrestling.  ;-)
Maybe wishful thinking but I  would love to make this one of our yearly Christmas traditions.  Here is our Christmas hug from last year.   Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you guys get lots of Christmas hugs this year!!

I posted this photo of our Christmas hug in the Clickin Moms forums - such a great forum of photographers.  And I am so honored that they featured it along with so many other great Christmas traditions on their blog.  You can check out all of the great traditions on their blog post here -  


  1. oh my goodness, how sweet are these photos? Love the hugging ones the most, especially the black and white!

  2. How sweet. They look like they are having so much fun.

  3. oh so cute! The hats make it so fun :)

  4. They are so cute! Love the black and white one!

  5. What cutie pies, looks like they were having fun!


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