Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lens Baby Project 52 for December

I can't believe our Lens Baby project 52 photography challenges are already coming to an end.  This year had definitely flown by.  Here are my final 4 images for our challenges.

{Week 49: "Someone I Love"}
This has become one of my favorite pictures...mainly because I have so few of my two looking at me at the same time and smiling into the camera.  A friend was standing behind me and got their attention and I was so excited to capture this moment.  :-)

{Week 50: "Decorated"}
This was more of an impromptu photo shoot.  The kids and I had a great time this particular morning doing an inside Christmas shoot. 

{Week 51: "Sweet"}
The kids and I just had a fun time with this challenge.  :-)

{Week 52:  "A Favorite"}
Being the week of Christmas and all, this challenge has become a "favorite" challenge where I have chosen one of my favorites from a session I'm currently working on.  Crazy time of year for sure...but beautiful family.  :-)

I am very happy that I participated in a Project 52 this year.  For anyone considering doing one for next year, I would highly recommend it.  It was a great creative outlet for me.  And while I admit there were many weeks that I just chose my favorite picture of the week because the week had gotten away from me, there were definitely weeks that inspired me.  Plus it got me shooting consistently every week with a focus which was what I needed to help me grow I think.

Here is my year in review if you would like to see it.  :-)

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                 Week 2 of my Lens Baby Project 52: "Letters of the Alphabet"
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March -     Lens Baby Project 52 for March
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June -        Lens Baby Project 52 Challenge for June
July -         Lens Baby Project 52 Challenge for July
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November - LensBaby Project 52 for November
December - Lens Baby Project 52 for December

I would love to see everyone else's project 52s for the year too.  Please feel free to leave a link in the comments if you would like to share.

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