Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lens Baby Project 52 Challenge for May

This has been a fun photography month for me.  I got to shoot some smash cake sessions which I really enjoyed!!  And I also felt like I had the chance to stretch my creativity some with some fun photo challenges.   Here are the challenge pictures for this month.

{Week 17:  "Food Photography"}
This was fun for me because it is something I don't think to do very often.  I enjoyed having the chance to switch gears and try a new type of photography.

{Week 18:  "Leading Lines"}
This bunny had been hanging out with us for a couple of weeks.  He was so gentle with the kids.  We assumed he must have been some one's pet.

{Week 19:  "Favorite Pictures"}
This was supposed to be "Mom" week but I missed it this week so I decided to add my favorite pictures from this week instead.  I LOVED doing these smash cakes sessions with these little guys.  They were all just so stinkin' cute!!  :-)

{Week 20:  "A day in the life"}
I have seen similar pictures done by different photographers so I couldn't wait to try to take a picture of our weekly grocery store outing.  We had just left the doctor so they were great sports about taking a quick picture for Momma.  :-)

{Week 21:  "Freedom"}
We stopped in front of our neighborhood after a fun night out celebrating our 5th anniversary to take this picture.  So I guess it was a picture to represent freedom after a night of freedom from responsibility.  :-)

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