Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mommy and Me Sessions 2012 - {McKinney, Frisco and Gunter TX Children's Photography & Mother's Day Portraits}

I love Mommy & Me sessions.  I love the adoration I see on the Mommy's faces for their kids.  I love to see the shared hugs and kisses.  And I love capturing the loving moments between them both.

My LensBaby mom's group recently did a shoot where we took turns doing Mommy & Me sessions for each other.  And I was excited to capture those moments for my friends.  And honestly I was even more excited that they were capturing those moments for me.  I will treasure those pictures forever!

If you are still looking for an amazing Mother's Day gift for mom, you should definitely consider a Mommy (or Grandma) and Me session.  She will cherish it forever!  I would love to capture those moments for you!!  Through the end of May I am offering $50 mini-sessions.  Here is a link to my brochure for more details - 2012 Mommy & Me Sessions.  Also gift certificates are available.  If you order them during the month of May, you can schedule your Mommy & Me session anytime up to a year.

Here are some of the pictures I took from our session:

     Session I - Laura and her adorable little boys.  When she nuzzles little guy's ear, he just giggles.  So sweet!!  :-)

     Session II - Ashley and her cute little ones.  I absolutely loved the mommy/son kisses!

     Session III - Bertha and her beautiful little girl.  I can't believe how much little miss has grown.  I had the opportunity to shoot her newborn shots earlier in the year.  And she is absolutely precious!

     Session IV - Andie and her sweet little girl.  I have to say I absolutely love the mommy/daughter giggles.  These are definitely the moments I want captured with my little ones too.

Such beautiful mommies and kiddos!!  It was a lot of fun doing these shoots.  I can't wait to do more!!!  :-)

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