Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lens Baby Project 52 Challenge for July

I have to say this month has been a little off for the photography challenges for me - mainly because we went on vacation at the beginning of the month.  We had a great time!!  Lots of first for my kids - first time at the beach, first time at the zoo, first time in San Diego - it was fabulous!!   But I didn't even bother to carry my big camera with me - just my point and shoot - mainly because I didn't want to chance my camera getting lost or stolen on such a long trip.  So anyway, you will have to excuse the quality of my first picture for the month - it was with my point and shoot but I still love it.  :-)

{Week 26: "4th of July"}
We had such a great time in San Diego and I had hoped to get a great fireworks picture for this shot.  BUT there was a malfunction there and all the fireworks went off at one time - very short show.  :-)  So I'm sharing one of my favorites from the beach instead.

{Week 27:  "Weekly Favorite"}
Haha...my vacation kind of carried over a week or so once I got home.  I didn't get to the actual challenge for the week so I am sharing one of my favorites for the week instead.

{Week 28:  "A Day in the Life"}
This week's challenge was meant to help us tell a story with our pictures.  So I had a whole setup around my kids with cookies and milk, but I chose to do this one instead.  :-)  I was trying to get her to sit in the chair for a picture but before she would she had to dance first.  I loved it!!  :-)

This was more along the lines of what I had been planning for the week though.  :-)

{Week 29:  "The Golden Hour"}
I took the kids out to be my models for this week and they did so good (with a little bribe).  :-)  And I have to say I absolutely loved the lighting at this time of day (pretty much an hour before sunset).  It was gorgeous!

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