Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day {Love Letters to Our Children}

Some of my friends in my moms group and I have decided to create a blog circle where we will share monthly letters to our children.  In a world where we all get so busy with life, for me it is an opportunity to slow down and hopefully record some of our moments together for them.

To my handsome little boy.   You are my first born by mere seconds.  You were born at 3 lbs and 15 oz but you were a fighter from the beginning.  I am amazed when I look at you (and your sister) at how far you both have come.  No one would ever guess you were preemies. 
You are my little ball of energy.  Even before you were born the nurses would joke about how you were the boss. They would put monitors on my belly to listen for your heart rate and usually within seconds you would kick the monitors off.   You never liked to be contained or still for too long and you still don't.  You are happiest when you can play outside with your Frisbee or wrestle with other little boys.  You love to pretend to be Spiderman (or Superman, Captain America, or Iron Man).  And you just recently discovered Star Wars Angry Birds.  Hehe...I see light sabres in our near future.  ;-)
I love your smile - that little dimple just makes my heart melt every time.  I love the hugs and kisses that you need especially every ten minutes or so at bed time.  I love listening to you talk about your day, or "dot com", or marvel (all those little terms that have made it in your vocabulary even though I question sometimes how you know them).  I love how you ask me every morning "Momma, how we going to do today?" because you love to know the plan so you can get excited for the day. 
I couldn't imagine my life without you now.  I love you so much buddy!!  You will always be my baby!!!  (Even though you recently told me "I don't know about that.  I'm getting big.")  :-)

To my beautiful sugars.  You are my princess.  You were born itty bitty too - 3 lbs 11 oz - but you have always had a heart of gold.  You have so many sweet qualities about you.  You are definitely my little helper.  You love to help grandma walk her dog.  You've been doing this since you were 18 months old or so and you are so cute doing it.  You love to help us cook.  Daddy often calls you his little chef.  And you love to help Daddy "dig the dirt" in his flower beds too.  In fact if anyone mentions needing help, you are almost immediately by their side to see what you can do.  And I love that about you!    

You are also my snuggler.  ♥ ♥  Every morning once you wake up, you come and climb in bed with me.  You like to grab my arms and put one underneath you and one over the top of you so that I am hugging you while we sleep for a few more minutes.  It's definitely the best way to wake up in the morning.

I love so many things about you my little girl.  I love how you always want to put a dress on when you hear music so that  you can dance.  I love how you spontaneously tell me that you are momma's girl, that you love me, and how things are the "BEST EVER!".  I love how I hear you repeat the little things I tell you to other people in conversations (most of the time anyway).  :-) And I absolutely love that beautiful smile.

I couldn't imagine my life without you either baby girl.  I love you so much!  I definitely love you to the moon and back.

{These are our Valentine pictures that we took recently at the Frisco Heritage Museum.  Happy Valentines Day everyone from my babies and me!!}

{And a quick share.  :-)  After our pictures, I gave them both cookies.  And this was definitely a proud mommy moment for me.  He grabbed his cookie and told me "I have the Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart".  Talk about making your heart melt.  Love him to pieces!!}

{Hehe...and what are pictures without bribes ummm I mean cookies.}
Happy Valentine's everyone!!  And please go check out the beautiful Valentine's letter my friend Laura wrote to her children as well.  


  1. Love hearing about the kids and their personalities through your eyes. They are becoming such little people now!


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