Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fairies, Dragons and Zebras (Oh my) {2016 Letters to Our Children}

I have always wanted to do pictures like these for you two.  There is just something so magical about it all that reminds me so much of the two of you!  E, I just picture you as a beautiful fairy looking for adventure and ready to explore the world.  And N, I always see you as a handsome boy who could easily slay a dragon or tackle any other obstacle that comes your way.

And just for fun!  Remember that time we were taking pictures at a Christmas tree farm and a zebra came up to us?  Hehe or maybe we were having a hard time coming up with our "Letter of the Week Show and Tell" for letter Z, so we improvised. 

To my amazing kids:

I love you guys so much!!  Life is truly an adventure with you guys.  I love watching you guys as you grow in kindergarten.  I see you guys learning to read, and add and subtract - things that I didn't know how to do that young.  I've seen you get excited about going to church and new friendships.  I watch you learning the world and its just amazing to me to see things new through you guys.  I am learning so much through you guys.

Some of my favorite moments this year so far:
  • Watching you both get Student of the Month as school.  I'm so proud of both of you guys!!
  • Praying with you guys on our way to school each morning.
  • Watching you guys discover your sports - football and cheer.  E - watching your excitement as you are in the center of the cheers.
  • Taking you N with your friends to the Western Dance and having such a fun evening.
  • Spending our breaks with family and friends.
  • Watching you play your red light/green light game after church while saying "Let My People Go"/"No"
  • Coming to have lunch with you guys and reading with you guys at school.
  • Watching you learn to read!
  • Going on our annual camping trip with the cousins.
  • Getting our new dog this Fall.
  • And always, always morning snuggles and spending time with you guys!

Least favorite moments:
  • The sick moments and the ear surgery.  Did not enjoy those at all!!
I'm so proud to be ya'lls Mommy!!  Definitely some of my biggest blessings in life.  I love you, love you!!



I am participating in a blog circle with a great group of moms who are writing letters to their children as well.  We're doing it together as a way of supporting each other and as a reminder to keep writing when life gets so busy.  I'm so glad to be a part of such a great group of ladies.  You can follow our circle with Aniya's sweet letter next. 


  1. Really enjoyed your letter and images Carrie! Looking forward to continuing this blog circle with you. All the best!

    1. Thanks!! I'm so glad to be a part of this circle too! :-)

  2. What a beautiful letter and what fun images!

  3. I love how you shared the good moments and least fave moments. Great post!

  4. What a great way to document your children's adventures and achievements! Love!

  5. So many fun new moments in 2016 already! I'm sorry to hear about the surgery but sounds like it is all good now :)


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