Wednesday, September 7, 2011

F is for Fire Truck

{F is for Fire Truck}

We had such a great time at tot time with the kids this week.  This week's theme was safety.  We started with our "F is for Fire Truck" photo shoot. We took a nice walk to a fire hydrant down the road from us to take our pictures.  I had made each kid their own cardboard fire truck to play with (which I have to admit I had so much fun doing).  :-)   

{F is for Flowers?}
{Stop, Drop, and Roll}

 {Our walk}
The kids loved our walk.  We could tell they loved the freedom to run and play as we went.  They were having such a good time playing outside that they were only mildly interested in the fire trucks but it was well worth the trip.  (Honestly I didn't get any good pictures of my little girl with the fire trucks so we tried again later with Daddy.  Hehe...and the only way I could get her near the truck this time was by putting it beside some flowers for her to pick.)    :-)

{Stop, Drop and Roll Games}
 After our walk and photo shoot, we read our book and talked about how to "Stop, Drop and Roll".  The kids loved this!  And it was so cute to watch them all stop, drop, and roll on the floor.  

Once we were done with this, we played with our red "Stop" signs (like in the first puppy picture) and matching green "Go" signs.  We did this rhyme while holding up our "stop" and "go" signs:
              "Where is Red Light?  Where is Red Light?   Here I am.  Here I am.
                When you see me, When you see me.  Stop, Stop, Stop.  Stop, Stop, Stop."

              "Where is Green Light?  Where is Green Light?  Here I am.  Here I am.
                When you see me, When you see me.  Go, Go, Go.  Go, Go, Go."

Then we played a "Stop and Go" game where we would have the kids "Go, go, go, go.....STOP".  The kids loved this and were so interactive with it all.  It was so much fun!

{How to safely cross the road.}
I had also made a road so that we could learn to stop and look both ways before crossing the street.  This was probably our least successful part of our day.  The kids immediately tore up the road and that was that.  :-)

{Our Fire Trucks}

We have continued playing our "Stop and Go" games, "Stop, Drop and Roll" and playing with our fire trucks ever since.  It was so exciting watching the kids learn something new.  I can't wait to play again next week!

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  1. Adorable Carrie! What a great idea to teach and have fun for all at the same time!

  2. Awww. So cute and fun.

  3. Again such great ideas! What kind of boxes did you use for the fire trucks?

  4. Thanks! I just used our diaper boxes. (We use the Target brand).


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