Friday, September 30, 2011

Painting Fun

{Our little artists at work...}

{Love their techniques...}

{I'm seeing so much potential here.  :-) }

This week we spent our tot time having some painting fun.  I have to admit I've never been brave enough to try this at my house with the kids.  We've done a few hand prints and such but I've never turned them loose with a paint brush before.  My friend had this set up so well at her house though.  I left without a single drop of paint on me.  :-)

{The Setup}
My friend had set up a muffin tin of 6 paint colors to choose from for us.  The kids each got a q-tip to paint with (I never would have thought of that).  And then she taped some butcher paper to her fence for them to create on.  They really enjoyed it!  You can tell from the pictures they took it quite seriously.  :-)

{The Clean Up}
Another awesome idea - my friend put soap and water in the kids water table to let them clean up with before heading back inside.  The kids loved the bubbles and had almost as much fun cleaning up as they did painting.  They even starting cleaning up all of the paint supplies for us - an added bonus.  :-)

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