Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our version of "Back to School" - An I Heart Faces Challenge

This week's I Heart Faces Challenge theme is "Back to School".  The kids aren't really old enough to go to school yet but we have started our own version of "Tot Time" - basically where I'm trying to teach them something new while we play.   My friend and I who are doing this together start each session with a photo shoot so that we can make personalized alphabet flash cards for them.  This week's theme was "B is for Bear".  But it also makes the perfect "Apple for the Teacher" picture too.  :-)

You can check out other entries on the I Heart Faces website as well.


  1. Love your idea about making personalized flashcards for your kids.

  2. So cute. I did a photo book for my daughter at about that age with her holding something that started with each letter of the alphabet.


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