Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Day at the Beach

{S is for Sand}
My friend created a wonderful "tot time" for us this week.  We spent the day at the beach.  And the kids loved it!!  Of course we started with our "S is for Sand" photo shoot. 

{Shells at the Beach}
The first thing she created for us was a sensory table - she put sea shells throughout their sand table.  This was a big hit!  All of the kids seemed to enjoy digging for them and just playing with the sand in general. 

{Playing with Beach Balls}
Of course every day at the beach needs beach balls.  The kids didn't play with them that much though.  I think they were too busy with the sand and water tables.  (We did play with the beach balls big time when we got home though.)

{Beach Umbrellas}
She had a really cute craft set up for us.  She had umbrellas and sea shells set up for us to put in a hand made sand sculpture.  My two enjoyed the umbrellas and the sand but weren't as interested in the craft itself.  Her two made some awesome sand sculptures though.  It's amazing how much difference 4 months makes.  We will definitely be trying this again soon.  ;-)

{Beach Ice Cubes}
Then she brought out some ice cubes she made with sand and shells in them.  I thought this was such a neat idea - the kids all seemed most interested in the fact that they were "cold" though. 

{Sweet Kiss at the Beach}
And who could resist a cute kiss at the beach.  I thought this was so sweet!!!   Little Miss has been so loving to every one lately.  :-)

{Beach Day Out Takes}

 We had such a great time!  And I definitely got a little picture happy. ;-)  Thank you to our friends for such a great day!

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  1. Awww. How fun. Really cute photos.


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