Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning About Fall

We decided to teach the kids about Fall this week.   We had lots of fun things planned but we could tell the kids were just a little off because of the whole time change thing.  So it was definitely a low key, flexible kind of day.

We started with a nature walk.  We told the kids they could pick up whatever leaves, sticks, rocks, etc they could find and put it in the basket.

Haha...but little miss decided it was a game and mostly played keep away with the basket.  The other kids had to chase her down to put their stuff in it.  :-)

The nature walk didn't last nearly as long as we thought it would so we moved on to our sensory bin.  We had it filled with pumpkins, pine cones, fall colored tissue paper and all of the treasures from our nature walk. 

The sensory bin wasn't a big hit though so we moved on to our Fall bowling.  We used our pumpkins from our bin to bowl with.  The kids all found different ways to use the bottles and the pumpkins.  It was fun to see what all they came up with but the bowling fizzled out fast too.

These cornucopias were actually the surprise hit of the day.  After all of the movement type activities fizzled quickly we decided to have a low key day and we pulled these out.  The kids all seemed excited to place their stickers at just the right places.  Who knew??  :)  {This one is Little Miss's.}

And this one is Little Man's.  The extra benefit is we now have our table decorations for Thanksgiving.  :) 
 We continued to try the sensory bin and bowling throughout the week.  They played with them some but for short amounts of time each time.  Here are a few more pictures I took throughout the week.

We also went ahead and created bird feeders from pine cones, peanut butter and bird seeds this week.  This was an activity we had planned for tot time but with it being muddy outside and the kids being so tired we decided to skip it.  But so far no birds???  Maybe it's too cold??  Or maybe they don't like the cinnamon smell?  (Hehe, those are the only pine cones I could find this time of year.)  Oh well...Happy Fall!  :-)

Linking up to Tot Time and You Capture's Fall Challenge. 


  1. They sure are cuties!! What a fun time mom! And kids like to keep us on our toes and always guessing!

  2. I just saw a great idea on Pinterest for a nature collage for kids to make. Your photos make me want to give it a try with my little ones!

  3. OO So pretty children! Great photos too!
    Kelly K

  4. You kids are way cute! I love the nature walk! I'd love for you to link up at my TGIF linky Party - I am also your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want =-)

  5. Your children are adorable. it is so funny what kids like and do not like. My little one is the same - one day she is crazy over stickers, but the next just wants to toss around a ball. They sure can keep us on our toes!

  6. It always feels like a guessing game to me and mostly I guess wrong about which activities will excite my little man and hold his attention.


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