Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Halloween Carnival

We had such a blast this Halloween!  The kids are at that perfect age where they are starting to "get" all the holiday stuff which makes it so much fun.  After enjoying our Trunk or Treat party the night before Halloween, we got to go to a Halloween Carnival with our LensBaby mom's group.  All of the moms in the group are so creative so it turned out extremely cute.

{One of the mom's came up with the cutest marshmallow game where the kids had to try to eat the marshmallow off the line.  And she loved it!!  I don't think she had ever tried marshmallows before this but they were a HUGE hit!}

{Another mom brought Halloween bowling which Little Man seemed to love.  He would set them up all by himself to knock them down again and again.  This will definitely be something we do again soon.}

{And of course there was a Fall theme set up to take pictures with.  With as active as they normally are, I was surprised they "posed" for me.  He sat next to it like he was a seasoned model.  Hehe...and I bribed her with a cookie.}

{There was also a cute bean bag toss game.  The kids didn't quite use the bean bags as planned but they sure did enjoy playing with the Halloween wrapped toilet paper rolls!}

{We also had a pumpkin patch sensory bin and a "drop the spider in the pumpkin" game for the kids.  All the moms did such a great job!  Especially since it can be so hard finding games for such a young age group.}

{And of course mine both enjoyed the cookie table.  :-)  Oh and one of the mom's made the Halloween bunting for us - so cute and creative!!}

{And I have to add one more picture of her Halloween costume.  I am not sure that I got any other pictures that had her complete costume down to her ruby red slippers while she was looking at me.  :-)  }

We had such a great time!  I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!!!

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  1. Wow! This is so cute! Our church did a similar game to the marshmallow one, but using doughnuts. It was a race to see who could eat their doughnut first; without using their hands of course! Thanks for sharing!


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