Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet Family Session at the Park {Frisco TX Family Photographer}

I had such a fun time with this sweet family at the park.  Mom had emailed me saying she was looking for special pictures for her boys birthday as well as family pictures.  We decided to meet up as Frisco Central Park and had a great time!

Aren't these two handsome boys?   They both have the most amazing eyes!

It was so much fun because we were able to capture some sweet family pictures...

And also watch the boys be boys and have some fun!  :-)  I really enjoyed that.

Of course what is a photo session if you don't get some cute pictures with Mom and Dad.  Man...those eyes!!  :-)

We couldn't call it a successful session if we didn't end with a lot of smiles and fun.  At the end of our session I got to watch Dad and the boys play.  The boys showed me their karate moves and they had a good time.  I'm so glad I got to spend my evening with them!  Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your family session! 

If you would like family pictures as well, please send me an email today.  We'll get you on the calendar and get your holiday pictures done and off of your to do list.  :-)

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