Tuesday, July 30, 2013

iPhone Fun {Clickin Moms Creativity Blog Circle}

This month's Clickin Mom's creativity challenge was to use your camera phone.  I have an iPhone 4 - so I used that to take all of the pictures in this post.

As a professional photographer, I'm always trying to capture those perfect moments - the one you and your family want to remember forever.  I want to walk away from every shoot feeling like my clients will cherish the pictures I give them.  I definitely want to do the best job I possibly can.

Over the last year or so, I have a new found love for taking pictures with my iPhone.  As a mom, sometimes I want to just savor the moments while not always worrying about capturing the perfect picture or lugging around my big camera.  I love it.  I can capture my kids in the everyday moments without the extra pressure I put on myself when I have my big camera out.  My iPhone frees me from the perfection I often strive for with my dSLR.

{Pictures to Practice}

I often use my iPhone just for practice shots - whether it's lighting, locations or whatever.  In the first picture we were on a family trip to Tulsa.  I loved the lighting in the hotel room.  In the second picture, I was in search for a new bridge to use during my photo sessions - so my kids were happy to help me out.  :-)

{Pictures at the Park}
This was just a fun rainy day for us at the park.  I knew I didn't want to take my dSLR but I still wanted to capture them having fun and playing. 

{Pictures on Vacation}
And for those fun, quirky vacation pictures I wanted to share on Instagram, I used my iPhone camera too.  These were taken on our summer trip to Myrtle Beach this year.

Please follow the rest of our circle around to see their take on camera photos.  You can check out my very talented friend Heather's post next.

And in case you missed any of the previous challenges, you can find them here:


  1. great photos- I love the window shot best!

  2. Looks like you guys have a very fun park by you! My favorite is the shot on the tire swing, great job in stopping the action with your phone!

  3. Love! My favorite are the window and the should've been a cowboy, adorable! I love lifestyle images!

  4. Oh how sweet!!! That hugging shot is just perfect in so many ways!

  5. such fun photos. What a great park area. Really love that bridge shot :)

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